October 22, 2013

So I was checking up on something earlier....

...and found THIS.


(And it just may or may not be on my desktop....)

Congrats, Hiddles and Hadley.  You both just earned fifty awesome points.

Can't wait for Coriolanus!!!


October 21, 2013

Tveiter-tot Day!

(The above picture pretty much accurately portrays my fangirl life.  Catch me, I'm falling....)
Yes, I'm a Tveiter-tot.  *nods*
What is a Tveiter-tot, ye say?  Well, I'll tell ya.  A Tveiter-tot is a fan (a huge fan) of the actor Aaron Tveit (top picture, far right).
Moving on.
Today is Tveiter-tot Day because today is the Master of Awesomeness Himself's birthday!!
Now.  If you'll excuse me, I'm off to make me some tater-tots and watch Enjolras: The Musical.  (You can, too!  Just pop in LesMis'12 and skip all the scenes that don't have Aaronjolras in them.  You're welcome.)

October 12, 2013

ever had a day like this?

"But... why?" I finally managed to ask.

Meg looked up at me and smiled sadly. "I have no idea.  Maybe the author just wanted to increase her word count by making something bad happen to me.  Why else would I be here?"

Gracious sakes, y'all.  I've had a mild case of writer's block for the past few weeks.

I can't find time to write, then, when I finally do, I can't figure out what to write!  : (

So.  Here's my question: What do you do to get over writer's block?  Do you drink a gallon of coffee?  Eat a barrel of chocolate?  Follow Dory's advice and "Just keep writing!  Just keep writing!" no matter how awful it is?  (That's what I did during NaNo last year....  Now I'm having to go through that novel and eradicate any extraneous obfuscations.)

Leave a comment below with your tips – not just for me, but for anyone else who may be reading this!


October 8, 2013

IMHO: Junior Novelizations

The In My Honest Opinion Series (IMHO) is a series of posts for the purpose of declaring my opinion on certain subjects.  My honest opinion.  (Yes, thank you, Mary.)  These posts will be my totally unbiased, totally unaltered-on-any-grounds opinion.  Each and every one of my readers are entitled to the right to comment below with their own opinion and an argument, if they so desire.  Let us begin.
You've all seen them.  They're those over-simplified novelizations of movies that are coming out.  These books are released as much as two months ahead of the movie and they're full of SPOILERS.
I always see them at Target because I go there the most, but they're probably at all major bookstores.
I find them super annoying.  I mean, what's the point???  Do the publishers think that they're going to boost their ticket sales by telling everyone the ENTIRE plot of an upcoming movie?!
I usually just look at the pictures.  Which is what I did earlier today, when my brother and I stopped at Target for some items.  Anyway.  We looked in the back for a certain CD full of songs from a certain blonde guy named Aaronjolras.  (It wasn't there.  *sad face*)
I turned a corner and there they were.  Frozen books.  Now, I did what I usually do – went for the junior novelization, straight to the middle, and was pleased to see some new pictures.  Like always, no spoilers.  I was happy.
However.  Then, I made the mistake of looking at the toddler version for more pictures.  Sadly, my gaze fell upon a certain word describing a certain picture.
My heart probably missed a few beats as it dropped to my shoes.  'Noooooo!!'  I thought, utterly horrified at the mistake I'd made.  'I can't believe I read that!'
I'll end by saying this:  DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, READ THOSE JUNIOR NOVELIZATIONS!!!  Or even the coloring books or the toddler versions!!!  If you want the plot of Frozen, or the plot of any upcoming movie, for that matter, to stay oblivious to you... Heed. My. Warning.
That is all.
Go see Frozen.  If not for Idina Menzel, go see it for Santino Fontana.  Cuz they're both awesome.
That is all.